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Sample pages from volume two:

Here are sample pages from The Coverlet Book Volume 2. These pages are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to give you the best representation of the book, these files are in their original size, making them quite large.

If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer already, you may download a free reader here: Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Twill 62

More and more patterns from the early draft books are found in the Twill chapter. Their range is from 6 to 24 harnesses. 5.9 Megs

Turned Twill 1

Even the seemingly straightforward Turned Twill coverlets had their surprises. Here's a "get-acquainted" opening page. 9.4 Megs

Turned Twill 17

What appears to be a weaver's fanciful doodling translates to structures found one some coverlets. This is a page from the Turned Twill, Turned Satin and Combination Weaves Chapters. 15 Megs

Double Weave 74

"What if...?" can lead to interesting findings as on this Gallery page from the Double Weave Chapter. If the concepts of Double Weave confound you, perhaps the text and paintings at the beginning of this chapter will enlighten you.. 8.9 Megs

Just Patterns 11

The early draft books had some fantastic patterns. Here are a few that may be found in the "Just Patterns" Chapter. 7.5 Megs

Summer and Winter 47

"Is it old?" is a question that occasionally arose while working with Overshot and Summer and Winter coverlets. Here's one example. 5.8 Megs

Star and Diamond 1

The many facets of that lovely weave we call "Star and Diamond"! Here's the opening page of that chapter and a page from the Gallery will follow. 2.6 Megs

Star and Diamond 35

This pretty pattern is common among Star and Diamond coverlets. Note its unique problem, however. 10.7 Megs

Motifs 1

A teaser now - the opening page from the Motif Chapter. Within this chapter you'll find a series of charts for the various motifs: stars and their roses, wheels, snowballs, fancy snowballs, fancier snowballs!, eight-pointed stars, and more. 5.5 Megs

Trees and Churches 6

Pine trees have been rounded up, sorted and displayed by type in the Trees and Churches Chapter. How are they woven? Here's a little preview. 4.8 Megs

Annotated Bibliography 5

Besides the coverlets themselves, early weavers' drafts and draft books were used as research material for The Coverlet Book. In the Annotated Bibliography Chapter are descriptions of those draft books and draft collections. 20.2 Megs