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Sample pages from volume one:

Here are sample pages from The Coverlet Book Volume 1. These pages are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). In order to give you the best representation of the book, these files are in their original size, making them quite large.

If you do not have a PDF reader on your computer already, you may download a free reader here: Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Overshot 47

The deciphering of early American drafts is carefully introduced in the Monk's Belt section, and here's a continuation. Other, less obvious types of drafts follow this one in the Overshot chapter and are found in other chapters as well. 8.3 Megs

Overshot 340

There were constant surprises and little problems to resolve throughout this study. Here's an example from the very large Overshot Gallery. 8.9 Megs

Overshot 351

Here's a surprise! Take a look and note the second border on this Overshot piece carefully. 5.3 Megs

Overshot 490

Towards the end of the Overshot Chapter is a rare group of coverlets - coverlets with a date and letters handwoven into them. Take a look at these close-ups. It's not hard to replicate the writing. 11.9 Megs